Immigration Facts

Posted on Jul 29, 2017
Attorney Michelle Mendez enlightened the club on immigration law.  Everyone needs a primer on this topic today. The facts matter.
Michelle Mendez is an attorney with the Catholic Immigration Network, Inc.  She spoke of two myths that she sees while working with immigrants, and explained there is an important connection to the economy that some people understand better than others.... but it is becoming clearer to many this year. 
One myth is about “Getting in line” for immigration to proceed. To qualify for a status of “immigrant," they need
to exhibit special skill sets for employment. They also can “get in line” through relationships. Qualifying is
very difficult and expensive.

The second myth is that “Immigrants Do Not Play Taxes”. To be qualified to pay into the system, one needs an individual tax ID number. This is a time intensive process and might require the efforts of Michelle’s skills.

Michelle also touched on the topics of Civil Law vs common Law and the Dreamers. Her talk
was followed by many Questions and Answers from the members. Michelle complimented our
members for well thought out questions.
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