Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Play who?
Play Fresh with Derrick Battle who knows how to play, work, teach and make things happen in a great way for the kids of Baltimore, and teach them how to be "green" on and off the field!
So, how is a football like an orange peel?
Intriguing, tough, desireable, and you always want more.  And educational in its intricacy... especially when the word alone elicits a whole new world of thinking.
And that is how it is being used as part of a PlayFresh! an environmental awareness think fast exercise created by Derrick Battle and his partners to incorporate his two passions to do something positive with young people in Baltimore City. Derrick is a charming, energetic bright young man who joined our Rotary meeting on September 12 and almost immediately began to toss several footballs to the members. Deborah De La Reguera had “orange peel” written on hers. Howard had batteries on his, and someone else had aluminum cans. Derrick asked each person what they could do with them item they found written on their football.
CLEARLY he does not know our group, because Deborah immediately launched into a lengthy description of what she could do with those orange peels, including drying them out and turning them into an entrepreneurial opportunity for her collaborators - like making art dolls.  A big grin came over Derrick's face as Deborah gave him her answer without even breaking a sweat (other than catching the ball).  NOT what derrick had anticipated to be sure, and he was elated.  It got better from there. Derrick said the point of this exercise was to talk about the materials we waste every day.  The kids in Derrick's program might have suggested that the orange peel be thrown away, put in the disposal or composted. He is teaching them about recycling and composting and why these are so important, and not as difficult as they might seem.
Derrick is also incorporating his lessons into the practice of sports in an integrative method with the curriculum of the schools.
He and his partners are finding that the kids really enjoy the program, and are helping to change behaviors in their community as well.  To watch Derrick's success, and perhaps partner with him, follow  Tag, you are it!
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