Captain Neil Young - Sea Scoundrel! 

Posted on Aug 16, 2017
Our own president Neil Young has led a very colorful life, especially with his wife, Nancy.  He bravely shared his salty story - all the way back to the 1600's!!  They say the apple does not fall far from the tree, and apparently some of his ancestors had "quite the personality."  We'll leave some of the details to your imagination.  Even in the "old" days, there was a bit of tension in the family line (though not in his own outstanding marriage)... but his Great Grandmother, Abigail, was married at a young age to one Orra Bolton whom she divorced... fortunately, because then she married John Young, Neil’s step-great grandfather.  
His grandfather, born in 1848, was in a movie, but died soon after.  His mother was born in 1908 and was a fashion artist.  His father studied at Johns Hopkins.  Two of his cousins were Roughriders.  Lots of diverse talent in the family to say the least.
When Neil was younger, he was rebellious and a lousy student (his words, not the authors!).  To soothe his soul, he became a deck hand on a ship that went to South America. The only way to get home was to keep working on the ship without pay!! He tried to go to college when he got back, but hated it.  He obviously loved the sea, so, with his mom's encouragement to become an official sailor, off he went to the Navy.  On his last hitch he was sent to the state of Washington. 
While in that State and wandering about, he was smitten by a young teacher - who became the love of his life. He did not know her name at the time - but he knew he was going to fall in love with her.  Though he was also thinking about signing up for the Navy again, Ms. Nancy said "au contraire" - which means: NO!  They married within 3 months of meeting each other.  He went to Franklin Marshall College with Nancy’s encouragement and became a history major.  To his surprise, he was a great student, and became a candidate for a Fulbright Scholarship.  However, his father passed away, and he had to pay off his student loan. He had a full scholarship given to him in his last year so he could pay the $6,000 tuition.
After college he went to work for Monumental Life where he was job measurement analyst - "how many paper clips did you use today sir?"  He hated the job, and when someone sold him an insurance policy he decided to give that a try.  He is still doing it 45 years later.  He became partners with two other men.  The partnership lasted ten years when they split up.  He went on to become a successful businessman in his own firm which has been very successful in financial planning and insurance.
He became involved with a program, People to People in 1994 and worked with Sharon D. on trips going to Russia.  That program shut down a few years ago.  They had won a ten million dollar grant from the State Department for this project. 
In 2003, Suzanne Pearce sponsored Neil to became a member of our Rotary Club and he has not looked back since.  Joining rotary at that time was a salvation of sorts, as he recovered from a brain tumor, and got his life back in order.  The rest is pretty much history.  This stint as president is his second time around, so he knows the ropes, and is happy to serve again. Neil has been involved with many Rotary activities on the District level, one of them being the Group Study Exchange where he went to Norway.  He and a group of our members went to Nepal to present an ambulance to a club there,  for which our club helped raise the necessary funds through other clubs and Rotary International matching grants.
Neil, you are a wonderful scoundrel AND a gentleman.
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