All you need is a heart and a plan

It's hard to argue with the truth! Tonee Lawson, a Graduate of Towson University, gave an inspiring presentation about TheBeOrg ( a student led program to help other young people become good citizens and teach them the meaning of  community engagement and reaching out, while growing and prospering themselves.
TheBeOrg identifies important issues that impose limitations on young people, and make a commitment to try to decrease the impact on that group of individuals.  Some of the causes TheBeOrg is behind are really important! For example, food scarcity is an issue that haunts our communities in terrible ways, whether in food deserts (inability to purchase fresh foods easily, in stores in ones own community), or poor eating habits because some people don't know how to cook fresh foods.
TheBeOrg is behind one such food related initiative: 1 in 6 people in Maryland do not have enough money to buy food. It has been proven time and again that hungry children perform at lower academic levels, have behavior and emotional problems, and are more likely to drop out of school. This continues the cycle of socieconomic challenges. The poverty cycle begins with food insecurity. TheBeOrg has a campaign called the #HashtagLunchBag to try to break the hunger and poverty cycle by providing meals for families in need.
By rallying  supporters, holding drives, packing events, and other community engaging events, TheBeOne campaigns are designed to effect real change. To support the next cause campaign, visit their website for updates at This will be an interesting group to watch, and certainly one to help - much better to get involved than to be on the side lines!
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