African Tooth Tamer

Posted on Jul 19, 2017
Keith Schmidt, DDS sets out to do good across the globe. Keith is our soothsayer in Maryland, but he is also a toothslayer....and a beloved one at that. Not only are his Baltimore patients loyal right down to their roots, but now Dr. Keith has loyal followers all over the world.
His most recent conquests are quite young, but very brave and in great need of his services.
Keith joined an organizing group skilled at providing health and dental services to people in other countries. The team of four dentists and fabulously skilled hygienists went to a village in South Africa to provide much needed oral health care, from filling cavities to doing root canals. At the end of their five day stay, they had seen more than 600 children!
Shall we call him Super Dentist now?
or maybe just give thanks for people like Keith?
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